Top 10 strangest laws

From shooting Welshmen with crossbows to bathing donkeys in bathtubs…the Jacamo team had a good laugh at putting together this top 10 list of some of the strangest laws to currently (apparently!) still exist…

  1. It’s illegal to eat mince pies on Christmas Day; Oliver Cromwell banned it during the 17th century and law was never lifted.
  2. It could be seen as an act of treason to place a stamp bearing the British King or Queen’s image upside down.
  3. Pregnant women in the UK are allowed to relieve themselves anywhere they want including a policeman’s helmet.
  4. It’s illegal to die in the Houses of Parliament; apparently because they would be eligible for a costly state funeral.
  5. According to a bylaw, Welshmen are not allowed to enter Chester before the sun rises and must leave before the sun goes down.
  6. And it’s apparently OK to shoot Welshman inside Chester city walls on a Sunday, as long as it’s with a crossbow after midnight.
  7. In Arkansas you are not allowed to keep alligators in bathtubs, while in Arizona donkeys are forbidden from having a wash in a bathtub.
  8. A law from 1313 still stands which makes it illegal to wear a suit of armour when entering the Houses of Parliament.
  9. If a whale is found on the British coast, the Queen has a legal right to the tail and the King to the head.
  10. In Michigan if you commit adultery, you are also committing a felony. The state’s penal code says: “Any person who shall commit adultery shall be guilty of a felony; and when the crime is committed between a married woman and a man who is unmarried, the man shall be guilty of adultery, and liable to the same punishment.”

P.S. We haven’t check that any of these laws still exist or if they’re purely myths (have you seen the length of those law books?!) so don’t trust or quote us on any of these! :D

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